About Everdine

Who are we?

Everdine is a subscription service of clean, gourmet meals, delivered to your home or office on a regular basis- as decided by you. We believe in clean eating, shunning artificial flavours and processed foods and focussing instead on the positive goodness of the very best ingredients. To ensure our food is as nutrient-rich as possible, we freeze all of our dishes within 90 minutes of cooking, to lock all the goodness in. At the same time, we think eating clean should not mean compromising on the joy of food. Our chefs trained in Michelin-starred restaurants and love creating delicious, clean dishes that will surprise you. We also understand that your time is precious. Our meal plans can be delivered every week and contain a curated selection of exciting and wholesome heat-to-eat dishes - many of which can be ready in under 10 minutes.

How does Everdine work?

Everdine offers subscription plans of 6, 8 or 12 wholesome, clean meals which are delivered on a regular basis - anywhere from once a week to once a month - depending on your needs. Our tasty, nutritious meals are cooked by chefs who have trained at Michelin-starred restaurants and are frozen straight after cooking, locking in all the goodness and freshness. We then deliver the meals to your doorstep, in recyclable boxes made from eco-friendly materials. Our freezing technique means all our meals keep their spectacular quality in your freezer for up to nine months. Many of our dishes can be ready in under 10 minutes - though this may vary from dish to dish.

Ingredients, and freezing and microwaving food

Our food and ingredients

In our clean eating guide we explain that clean eating is about eating real food, cooked from scratch, using only the freshest and best ingredients. At Everdine, we are all about striking a balance between nourishing your body and satisfying your tastebuds. One thing we are very serious about is never adding artificial preservatives to our meals. We do occasionally include “kitchen cupboard ingredients” (so-called because they are similar to the ones you would have at home!) such as sun-dried tomatoes, kale pesto or chilli chipotle, in order to give you the very best taste possible. They are by all means good and healthy to eat, but we should point out to you that some of them do contain preservatives. Rest assured: we are working tirelessly towards using only additive-free ingredients whenever possible, and we will continue to make your eating experience as clean as it could possibly be.

Do you use only organic ingredients?

While we love organic food, we feel that using only organic ingredients would limit the creativity of our chefs - unfortunately, not everything we would like to cook for you is easily available in organic form. This does not mean that we are lax with our standards - quite the opposite. We have very strict requirements that must be met before we would consider using any ingredient in the meals we create and cook for you. Thanks to our excellent supplier relationships, we are able to source the highest-quality ingredients and know everything about their origin and the production processes.

Why do you freeze food?

Freezing food offers a number of advantages over fresh food - as long as it is handled properly and the ingredients used are of the very best quality. When a meal has been cooked, the nutritional value starts deteriorating immediately. Chilling food slows this process down, but doesn't stop it. With freezing, it's different. The process of deterioration is halted (almost) completely. That's why we use cutting-edge technology to blast-freeze your meals right after cooking, when they are still at their very best. This way, we lock in all the goodness, retaining as many of the nutrients abundant in our high-quality ingredients as possible. It also means we don't need to add any artificial additives or preservatives, keeping your food clean, as it should be. Frozen food also has shipping advantages. It means we can save on carbon emissions and packing materials - and we can reduce this even further if you opt for our slightly-bigger two-week box, rather than our one-week box. Frozen food also gives you the greatest possible flexibility. It allows you to balance out weeks when you need more Everdine meals with weeks you need fewer and it means that you can remain spontaneous about when to eat your meals. If your plans change, you don't need to throw food away, since our frozen food retains its quality for much longer than fresh food would. Better for nutrition, better for the environment, less waste, more flexibility - in short: We love frozen food!

But microwaving food is bad by definition, isn't it?

It's time to clear up some very persistent urban myths surrounding this topic. Research by Harvard University points out that "the cooking method that best retains nutrients is one that cooks quickly, heats food for the shortest amount of time, and uses as little liquid as possible. Microwaving meets those criteria. [It] keeps more vitamins and minerals than almost any other cooking method." Why then is it that microwaving food is so widely believed to be "bad" for you? Much of that is linked to three common aspects associated with traditional microwave meals: low-quality ingredients, artificial additives and preservatives, and non-microwave-suitable plastic packaging. That is why, here at Everdine, we address these concerns head-on. We only use the best ingredients, we do not add artificial additives or preservatives to the ingredients, and we use cutting-edge packaging that is absolutely safe to heat up in a microwave (or oven, for that matter). The microwave is a spectacularly convenient invention and, when heating healthy, microwave-suitable food in it, there are few ways in which to heat up food in a more nutrient-preserving way.

Can I order Everdine box if I have any food allergy?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t offer an allergy-friendly meal plan, and our meals may contain allergens. You can find the information about specific allergens on the product detail pages. Simply click on each meal on the website to view the allergens list below the ingredients.

Ordering with Everdine

How can I place the order?

First of all, pick your plan size of Classic or Vegetarian options on the homepage. After this you will be able to see the meal selection for your order. You can opt for our Chefs’ weekly recommendations or modify the selection to your meals of choice by clicking “Change Meals”. Once you have finished with the menu, you will need to enter your shipping, billing and payment details. Don’t forget to add delivery instructions in case you would like your box to be left near your door, or in another specified safe place. Wait for your box to be delivered and enjoy your clean and delicious food.

Selecting meals

Can I customize my box?

Yes, you can. Simply log in to your account from the top-right corner at www.everdine.co.uk. You can easily swap meals in and out of your next box(es) before the order deadline (Monday 11:59pm) of your next delivery. If you are really excited about a particular meal you can even select it multiple times! Just remember that the number of meals you select must align with your box size. But even that doesn't need to stop you: you can switch to a different size or plan altogether in your account online. We would also encourage you to let our chefs surprise you! Each week they put together their recommendations based on the meals they are most excited about. This ensures you get the latest and greatest from our kitchen as well as some built-in variation - without lifting a finger. If you don’t make any changes before the order deadline for your next delivery, you will receive the Chefs’ selection as a default. It's never been easier to try something new. Highly recommended! :)

Can I change my meals after I have placed an order?

After you place your order you have the option to log into your Everdine account and swap meals in and out of your box before the order deadline (Monday 11:59pm). If you are keen on a particular meal you can order it multiple times, but do bear in mind that the number of meals you choose should add up with your box size.

Can I select a meal more than once?

Of course! This is your food, your way, so if you are really fond of any particular meal you can order it as many times as you like. Just bear in mind that the number of meals you pick should align with the size of your box.

Does the menu change every week?

Yes, on most weeks it does - either slightly or completely. Our menu is hand-crafted by our chefs and inspired by their creative genius, as well as the latest clean-eating trends.


How much does shipping cost?

Nothing. It's free!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all common credit cards and debit credit cards as well as PayPal.

Are my payment details secure?

To offer you various payment methods, and to ensure the highest standards of security and stability, we partner with Adyen, a third-party secure-payment provider. Adyen hold all customer card details and facilitate payment processes for Everdine. You can read more about them at www.adyen.com. Please check our Privacy Policy for more details.

Can I change my payment method / card I use for Everdine subscription?

Yes, you can. Simply login to your account and change your card details on "My Payment Method". Press the "Edit" button on the top right corner to make these changes.

Storage and preparation

How should I store my frozen meals?

After arriving at your designated address, your meals should be put in a freezer as soon as possible - and no later than that same day. The "best before" date shown on the label only applies if these instructions are followed. Meals stored in a fridge can be consumed within 24 hours. Thereafter, they should not be consumed any more. The food may not be stored outside a fridge or a freezer.

How do I heat up my meals?

Easy peasy. Each meal has clear, easy-to-follow instructions on the sleeve. Follow these to-the-letter and you will have delicious, healthy food ready in no time. Most of our meals are best heated in a microwave, but some should be cooked in an oven, and many can be heated in either. Simply check the instructions on the packaging or beside each dish on our website.

What should I do if there is a problem with my meal?

If, for some reason, you are not 100-percent satisfied with your meal or the way it has arrived, please let us know! Send us an email at hello@everdine.co.uk or give us a call at +44 114 303 1613 and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

Can I also defrost my meals before heating them up?

For the best possible results, we generally recommend heating our meals up from frozen, but meals can also be heated up from chilled, having thawed thoroughly. It is important to note, however, that meals should be consumed within 24 hours after having been defrosted.

What is the shelf-life of your meals?

Freezing our food means preserving all the nutrients for as long as possible - but it also means retaining the same high quality of taste for much longer than fresh food. Depending on the ingredients used, our meals can be kept anywhere from 6 weeks to up to 9 months. Within this time we can guarantee that your food will be safe to eat, good for you, and delicious. Check the boxes for more information.


Is your packaging microwave/oven safe?

Yes, we use only microwave-safe containers. All trays (including the film sealing the tray) are safe to put in the microwave or oven (microwave heating is recommended for most dishes - check heating instructions), as long as you follow the precise heating instructions on the sleeve of each dish.

Does the food keep frozen during delivery? If yes, how?

Yes. Our food is packed under arctic conditions at around -25° C. We add ice gel packs to the box and these are even colder (around -30° C). Finally, the box is insulated using biodegradable Woolcool (TM) made from sheep's wool and therefore environmentally-friendly. Since we use couriers that deliver overnight, the food arrives at your doorstep frozen. Not being at your designated drop-off point when your box is delivered is not a problem, your box can be left in a safe place, awaiting your arrival. However, it is a strict requirement that you put the meals into the freezer on the day of the delivery. The only exception are meals that you intend to eat within 24 hours of delivery. These may be kept in a fridge (if no freezer space available) until you heat them up, as per their heating instructions from chilled.

The box my food was shipped in is severely damaged. Is it still safe to eat the food?

No. If the box is severely damaged (e.g. torn) or opened we recommend you do not consume the meals shipped in the box in question. The same applies to damaged trays. In those cases, we can no longer ensure that the food is safe to eat, and therefore recommend that you dispose of the meals in question - better safe than sorry. Should this happen to your shipment, we apologise unreservedly for the inconvenience and we ask that you please email us at hello@everdine.co.uk (ideally with a picture of the damaged box/trays) or give us a call at +44 114 303 1613. We will do everything we can to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Is the food packaging material eco-friendly?

Yes, almost all of it is. We work hard to make sure as much of our packaging as possible is recyclable (approx. 95 percent is), biodegradable, and made from recycled materials wherever possible. The outside of the box and the wool liners (after removing the plastic covering) are biodegradable. All the other materials are recyclable except the film inside the tray and the liquid in the ice packs (which can simply be drained into your sink). Simple.


Where do you deliver?

Currently we deliver to 93% of UK mainland. We plan to expand our delivery area in the future and, if you would like for us to go ahead with this, feel free to send us an email via contact form. The more interested people there are, the faster we will do it!.

What time of the day will the courier deliver my meal?

We ship your boxes overnight. Deliveries normally arrive between 9am and 12pm, but in some cases the courier may deliver as late as 1pm. If the courier cannot get hold of you when your delivery arrives, your box will be left at your designated "safe spot" (you tell us during the checkout process and can change it on your account at any time). If you do not specify one, the courier will try to find a suitable spot. At the time when we hand your box to our courier, you will get an email to inform you that your box has been dispatched.

Do I have to be at home / office to accept my delivery?

No. If you are not at home or at the office when your delivery arrives, the courier will leave your box at your designated "safe spot" (you tell us this during the checkout process and can change it on your account at any time). If you do not specify one, the courier will try to find a suitable spot. Please note that it is a strict requirement that you put the meals into a freezer on the day of the delivery. The only exception are meals that you intend to eat within 24 hours of delivery. These may be kept in a fridge (if no freezer space available) until you heat them up as per their heating instructions from chilled. You are also able to change this information after you have placed your order, as long as it is before Monday 11:59pm prior to your delivery. Simply log into your account and change your address or update your safe place.

When I place an order with Everdine, how often do I get deliveries?

That is entirely up to you! We have expanded our service so you can get our delicious, nutritious meal plans delivered once a week, once a fortnight, once every three weeks, or once a month - whatever best suits your needs. Our chefs vary the menus constantly, so that it never gets boring. The food we ship to you is frozen, which means it stays fresh for longer. If you want the same amount of food with fewer deliveries, you can opt for your plan to be delivered in a two-week box. This means you only need to manage deliveries every other week, and it saves on courier mileage, packaging, insulation, and ice packs - working out much better for the environment. What’s more, it gives you greater flexibility, since you can balance out between weeks - some weeks you may need more of our delicious meals, in other weeks you may cook or eat out. We love that flexibility and the consistently high quality that comes with frozen food. And we think you'll love it, too.

Can I change my delivery address?

You can easily change your delivery address by logging into your account and make the changes under "My Profile". Click the edit button on the right top corner and make the relevant changes on shipping and billing address. The deadline for this is Monday 11:59pm prior to your delivery day, after this deadline has passed we will be unable to change your delivery address ahead of that week’s delivery.

What if I signed up but did not get the box?

We always make sure to inform you when your box should be expected. Once you have signed up and ordered, you will receive a confirmation email stating when your box is due. However, if by any chance you have not received your box, please make sure to contact us as soon as possible at hello@everdine.co.uk


What should I do if my discount code doesn't work?

To ensure that your discount code works properly, first please make sure that you have entered the discount code correctly. Some of our offers are only available for a set amount of time. Discount codes become invalid after the stated expiry date so make sure you keep track of it. If you still have problems redeeming your discount code, please send us an email at hello@everdine.co.uk or give us a call on +44 114 303 1613 and we will sort it out in a jiffy.

Do you have a refer-a-friend program?

You bet we do! If you refer a friend we will not only give your friend the chance to try our great food at a reduced price, we will also deduct £30 from your next box! Just follow the link here and tell your friends about our great meals.

How can I apply my discount code to my order?

In some cases, your discount will automatically be applied when you follow a link. If that is not the case, you can apply your discount code in the fourth step of the checkout. Just before you purchase the box, press “Enter Promotional Code” and an input box appears. After you have entered your discount code press “Apply”.