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It’s been a rather busy week for food in the news. Besides Costa’s introduction of the dubious “Flat Black” (yarp, it is indeed… just a black coffee!), there are a number of recently-released reports which show that we, as a nation, are eating more, and worse, than ever before…but there is hope yet! Read on to find out how.

Politicians and health professionals have been speaking out this week about the rising levels of obesity in the UK and the strain that is putting on the NHS – with studies showing that more than a quarter of the UK’s adults are overweight.

March has many exciting food news. For example, introduction of a cup of Flat Black!

One possible reason is the increase in portion sizes, especially for prepared meals from supermarkets. In 1993, the Food Standards Agency published a report called “Food Portion Sizes”. Now, 25 years on, we can see just how dramatically the sizes, and calorie values, of these meals has increased. The humble crumpet is 38% bigger, with an extra 26 calories and a meal like Chilli Con Carne is a whopping 55% bigger, with 216 more calories than 25 years ago.

Millennials (taken in this case to mean 25-34 year-olds!) have taken to tackling this temptation by…simply choosing not to eat – according to a survey just released by Aviva. The report showed that over half of the young people interviewed said they regularly skip meals to keep their weight down – especially before a “big night out”.

This approach, however, could hardly be termed “healthy” – as Aviva’s Medical Director, Dr. Doug Wright, explained: “while such behaviours may lead to faster results, these habits can set long-term wellbeing off course and potentially cause more serious health implications further down the line.” And millennials seem to agree, with nearly two thirds of the respondents worrying they might have an “unhealthy relationship” with food.

The two principal reasons getting in the way of healthy eating for young people are simple: 77% find healthier ingredients too expensive, 51% are too busy to prepare healthy meals.

Buying and cooking fresh meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit is the healthiest option, without a doubt. But all of those go off quickly and, if you’re on a tight budget and schedule, you are only left with two options: buy ingredients which will last (such as starchy carbs and processed foods) or hit the shops every time you want to cook.

Are you ready for a Flat Black? Or prefer classic cappuccino?

Now, We don’t like to blow our own trumpet (yes we do) but Everdine could be the perfect solution if any of this sounds familiar!

Our meals are low in salt, calories and saturated fats, count as 2 of your 5-a-day (another element of healthy eating 83% of millennials say they struggle with), are designed to balance all of your macronutrients perfectly and include only sugar from natural sources and no artificial additives.

Whether you are seeking to lose a little weight, or simply trying to eat more healthily – we’ve got your back, every single day.

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