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Bursting with Goodness, Fresh from your Freezer.
We make real food that makes you feel great: full of flavour, big on nutrition.

The Everdine Formula


We cook all our meals from scratch using only the best ingredients. We love to be creative with our recipes: You’ll find bold flavours and vibrant colours in every single meal.


Our meals burst with the goodness of real ingredients. Each dish has a healthy balance of macro- and micronutrients, giving your body everything it needs to function to its fullest.


We blast-freeze our meals right after cooking, so they stay good for months in your freezer. That means: No food wasted, and always something delicious at hand when you need it.


Freezing also naturally preserves our food, which means we don’t need to use any artificial additives to ensure your food stays good for longer!


Best of all, we deliver to you, where, when and as often as you want, so you’re always stocked up on feel-great food that lifts you up.

Build Your Box

Have hassle-free wholesome meals delivered to your home or office.

Order by Monday 11:59pm to get your meals by Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday that same week.

Choose from meat, seafood, and vegetarian meals, with full information on nutrition and allergens provided.

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