Perfect Nutrition,
Always On Hand!

Healthy every-day lunches and dinners, fresh from your freezer.
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How it Works

How it Works

Perfect Nutrition

Developed by chefs with your well-being in mind, we pack our meals with essential nutrients: full of protein and fibre, low in fat, carbs and calories. We say no to artificial additives, and the sugar in our meals comes from natural sources only.

Zero Effort

We deliver to you overnight by courier. All meals are simply heat-to-eat, either in an oven or microwave, as you prefer. No shopping, no chopping, no cleaning, no fuss. Eating healthily every day has never been easier!

Fresher than Fresh

We prepare your meals fresh for you. Frozen right after cooking and made from only high-quality ingredients directly from our producers, our meals are fresher than anything you buy in the supermarket!

Always on Hand

Everdine meals stay fresh in your freezer. So no more food or money wasted - ever. Plus, opting for our fully flexible subscription will make it easier than ever to eat healthily every day


Try our meals with a one-off box, or enjoy peace of mind by having nutritious good-for-you food delivered to you regularly.

Staying on track with your healthy eating habits has never been easier.

You can skip any delivery and cancel or pause your account at any time.

Change and choose your meals for every order, being sure to make all changes before Monday 11:59pm on the week of your delivery.

Refer your friends and family and you’ll both get free meals.

  • Money-back guaranteeMoney-back guarantee
  • Pause or skip as you wishPause or skip as you wish
  • Cancel anytimeCancel anytime

Everdine provides delicious, prepared meals on a one-off or subscription basis.

We create healthy dishes, cooked from scratch, using natural, high-quality ingredients. Our meals are nutritionally balanced. Each provides at least one of your 5-a-day and is a source of protein. Some meals provide two or more of your five-a-day. Many are high in protein and/or a source of fibre; most meals are low in salt, low in fat, low in saturated fats, low in sugar, and/or low in calories.

Everdine meals are blast-frozen right after cooking to lock in all their nutrients and eliminate the need for artificial preservatives. Choose as many meals as you like (starting from six) from our wide range, and have them delivered to your home or office on a one-off, or regular subscription basis. With your flexible subscription, you will receive these naturally nutritious meals as often as you choose. You can cancel or skip any delivery, and change the meals in your box at any time, provided you do so before Monday 11:59pm on the week of your delivery.

Everdine meals are fully prepared, so all you have to do is heat them up in an oven or microwave. Depending on your choice of heating method, this takes between 7 minutes (microwave) and 30-40 minutes (oven). Always ensure your meals are piping hot before you eat them. We are based in London but deliver to 93% of the UK mainland with DPD Next Day. Check out our menu to get started right away!

* Areas serviced by DPD Next Day (93% of UK)